Stephen Yin

Corporate Affairs


Corporate Affairs– Australia Asia Business Council
Business Strategy– Global Business Evolution Malaysia
CEO– e-Medics RTO

is the Head, Business Strategy at Global Business !-Evolution Malaysia and an Independent advisory contractor for language and diverse community projects for a public relations company in Melbourne .

Prior he was Chief Officer Legal/Corporate Affairs of a Malaysian public company including head of group’s community projects.

Presently, he is member of Regional Advisory Council, Victorian Multicultural Commission, senior Multicultural Ambassador, Mental Health Foundation Australia, Multicultural Advisory Committee of TV Channel 31, Multicultural Advisory Committee,  Knox Multicultural Advisory Committee, Knox Environment Advisory Committee, Multicultural Ambassador Red Shield Appeal Knox, Salvation Army Vic, ATO CALD group network including the post of Head, Corporate Affairs of Australian Asia Business Council.  

He is a regular MC, speaker and occasionally performs with a Bollywood multicultural dance team at community events.

He has been featured as a community voice including in public COVID-19 and state government departments advisory posters/ videos to CALD communities.

He is a founder member of the MHFA ’s “COVID-19 Project” delivering over 80,000 meals to Victorians.

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