About Us

Our board comprises of senior business leaders from a wide spectrum of industries. As a member, you will benefit from our extensive business expertise, judgement, and robust networks.

We welcome all, as we develop engaging and inclusive programme that benefits diverse segment of the business community , may it be as individual or company to co-share values, experience and growth opportunity locally as well as internationally.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst organisation for empowering business growth and success in Australia and Asia.

Our Mission

To promote cross-cultural capabilities by providing cutting-edge, responsive, and socially minded support to address current and future challenges; enriching members in knowledge sharing and resourceful networking.

To enhance business growth and success by helping our members develop strategic relationships through information sharing and networking events that can add value to our members as well as the wider business community.

To develop and maintain strategic networks to build lasting relationships and goodwill through keynote speaker talks, constructive dialogues, and networking events. These activities enable members to connect with other companies, key government agencies, research institutions, media, and communities.

To provide superior mentorship to support our members to invest, trade and ‘do business’.

Our Values

  • Create opportunities for members to hear from keynote speakers and learn about the region, where opportunities may lie, who to connect with and how to do business.
  • Facilitate strategic networking events with guest speakers from Australia and Asia to enable companies to exchange information and build relationships that can contribute to growth for our members. Provide a platform for Australian companies and individuals to access information and networks that are not readily available to them.
  • Facilitate information sharing and connection among our members.
  • Organise joint conferences to address common interest areas to mutually share information and build networks that can benefit all parties.
  • Maintain effective communication with Australian government agencies and regional development agencies to ensure an ongoing exchange of views and information.
  • Support members in leadership roles in government and business.

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